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How It Works

Let’s say, Lisa is a new visitor who comes to your store and adds 3 items to her shopping cart.

She decides to buy these products and clicks on ‘Proceed To Checkout’ and decides to register with your store.

After creating an account, she expects to go back to her
Shopping Cart, but instead is redirected to the ‘My Account Page’. The break in the experience distracts Lisa causing her to abandon the cart.

With Optimize Checkout, Lisa creates an account and is immediately
taken back to her ‘Shopping cart’ which encourages her to complete the purchase and gives her a happy shopping experience.

Why Choose Optimize Checkout?

Improve Your Customers' Shopping Experience

‘I love buggy shopping sites’ said no one ever.
Give your customers an amazing shopping experience.

Increase Your Store Conversions

Your customers are impatient and easily distracted. Increase your store’s conversions by making your customers’ Checkout simpler.

Supercharge Your Sales

Boost your sales by reducing cart abandonment significantly.

Quick & Easy One Time Setup

Installation takes less than 30 seconds.
Install the app once and it automatically works
in the background.

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Simple Questions

How do I set up Optimize Checkout?

Simply download the app and it’ll automatically work in the background.

What happens when a user logs/registers in on the Cart Page?

The user is directly taken back to his Cart instead of the ‘My Account’ page

What happens when a new user creates an account on the Checkout Page?

Once the user completes his registration, he is directed back to the Checkout Page.